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Shows We Can't Wait to See at VAULT

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

London's biggest festival of theatre and comedy is upon us - here's what the team at Dibby Theatre are looking forward to seeing and shows we've seen and recommend!

Shows we can't wait to see

Over My Dad's Body - Simon David

Simon's Dad has just died from terminal cancer, right during his preparation for his brand new all-singing, all-dancing show solo-show. But the as the old theatre-trope goes: the show must go on. The trailer for this show had us in fits of laughter and we're really looking forward to Simon's blend of comedy and tragedy - dealing with some of life's biggest and difficult questions, much like our show First Time does.

28 Jan - 1 Feb, 18:15

Santi and Naz - The Thelmas

Santi and Naz explores childhood friendship, identity and loyalty set against the backdrop of the partitioning of India and Pakistan. Spanning from 1945 to 1949, this show from the makers of Ladykiller and Coconut promises to be a gripping story of two women's lives in the face of unprecedented political and social upheaval.

28 Jan - 2 Feb, 18:10

Body Talk - Full Disclosure Theatre

A touching three-hander that tackles the timely LGBTQ+ issue of male body image. Sometimes to bare all, means taking off more than just your clothes. Full Disclosure Theatre return to VAULT Festival with their whole new reveal on a gay's anatomy.

29 Jan - 02 Feb, 20:40

Sound Cistem - Plaster Cast Theatre

Two transgender performers say 'up yours!' to the gender binary and invite you to their radical dance party. A queer celebration with disco lights and pulsing music, Sound Cistem is an exuberant verbatim show about the cisgender gaze on the transgender body.

29 Jan - 6 Feb, 22:10

Jacob Hawley (Work in Progress) - Jacob Hawley

We first discovered Jacob Hawley on his frank podcast 'Jacob Hawley: On Drugs' on the BBC Sounds App. We loved his non-judgemental approach to exploring a sensitive and divisive issue. When he's not making awesome podcasts, he's a top notch stand up and will be trying some of his new material at this years' VAULT (you lucky things).

12 and 21 Feb, 21:45

TALK PROPA - Shybairn

Described as a 'celebration of all things northern' - this sounds right up our street! Two women from the north of England explore their relationship with their accents and the prejudice they've faced as a result. Winner of the Cultivate Bursary supporting new and emerging talent at VAULT.

11, 12 and 13 Feb, 18:00

Too Pretty To Punch - Edalia Day

We met Edalia at last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival but our busy schedule meant that we couldn't get to see their show. Too Pretty To Punch is a comedy, spoken word show about gender, the media and not fitting any of the boxes complete with movement, original songs and kickass video projection. The trailer looks lush!

3 - 8 March, 18:00

The Cocoa Butter Club

The CBC return to VAULT with one simple aim: 'Decolonise and Re-moisturise!' Expect exquisite and immeasurable talent from this award-winning LGBT+ cabaret. It's going to get wild and you'll be smelling like cocoa butter for daaaaayyyyyss baby!

20 March, 22:30

A Lightweight Disposable Production

It's 1976. It's Nora's 19th birthday and it's been three years to the day since she ran away from home. It's been three years since she ran away from home, she's just watched the Sex Pistol's play live for the first time and she knows her life is about to change forever. A VAULT Festival top pick, this production from Alignment promises to bring black, female, LGBTQI+ voices into the mainstream.

17 - 22 March, 19:30

Shows we recommend

Since U Been Gone - Teddy Lamb

We got to know Teddy at last years' Edinburgh Fringe where we saw their show. It's a beautiful and tender exploration of loss, memory and finding yourself. Brought to life with storytelling, an original pop music score and way too many America's Next Top Model references. Bring the tissues - we sobbed, you will too.

4 - 9 Feb, 19:30

Beach Body Ready - The Roaring Girls

Our favourite fierce, feisty, feminist trio from Hull bring their defiantly feel-good show that sticks two Cadbury's chocolate fingers up at how the media tells us we should look. We saw it in Edinburgh and it had us brimming with heart, soul and joy. Oh and there's biscuits. Win.

17 - 22 March, 19:45

The Archive of Educated Hearts - Casey Jay Andrews and Lion House

If Teddy's show made us cry at last year's Edinburgh Fringe, Casey Jay Andrew's 'The Archive of Educated Hearts' nearly broke us. A sprawling unfolding photo album of memories crafted from true stories of families facing breast cancer and loss. Oddly, it felt like she was talking about our own families. It's only 30 minutes long, but boy does it pack a heartfelt punch.

2 Feb, 15:20

Twin Peaks - Mandy Tootill

Another exploration of life during (and after) breast cancer by self-confessed idiot Mandy Tootill. We saw Mandy at the Edinburgh Fringe and laughed ourselves silly at her unique take on facing her own mortality square in the face - expect talk of sex wearing marigolds and why nuns don't have smears. Camp, northern, charming and damn funny.

29 Feb, 2 March, 20:30

Madame Ovary - Rosa Hesmondhalgh and Wildchild Productions

This 5-star sell-out hit took last year's Edinburgh Fringe by storm, and for good reason. Another tale of life with cancer, this time ovarian, Rosa's life-affirming autobiographical show is both breathtakingly sad and intensely funny.

18 - 23 Feb, 19:20

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