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Using storytelling to explore stories of radiotherapy

If you’ve been affected by cancer you can help people in the future by having your say in research now.  



Many thanks to Oldham LibrariesThe Christie at Oldham, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, for their support.

Radiotherapy & Me is delivered by the Public Programmes Teamradiotherapy researchers from the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Centre and Contact.


Stories facilitated and edited by Nathaniel Hall
Visual Artist Jessica Loveday
Films created by Shortform

Find sources of information and support for people with cancer here.

Radiotherapy & Me aims to inspire more conversations about radiotherapy and raise awareness of radiotherapy research.


Half of cancer patients receive some form of radiotherapy, but it doesn’t seem to be talked about very often compared to other treatments. Manchester is a world-leading centre for radiotherapy and research, with researchers focusing on how to make treatment more personalised, reduce side effects and using new technologies to target cancer cells. 


Radiotherapy & Me brought patients and researchers together to share their experiences in creative storytelling workshops led by me and supported by Visual Artist Jessica Loveday.


Explore their video and audio stories below. You’ll find more audio stories and poems with transcripts here. 

How family and fashion got Fiz through

From radiotherapy to comedy

How Tim went from researcher to patient

"Being part of this process has been really cathartic. It’s been probably the best therapeutic intervention I’ve had throughout my whole cancer journey."


Precious Time

Time changes as Jackie gets a new diagnosis and treatment and remembers how important people are.


Radiotherapy & Me

Anthea, a researcher, reflects on the connections with her patients.


Cheesed Off

The small things become big things for Sharon after 25 visits.


It was never on my bucket list

Humour and honesty, Sally’s way through and back to her new self.


Ripples on a Pond

Tracy finds herself in the centre and everyone gets a hat.


The last voice you will ever hear?

The sounds that keep Nic going through treatment.

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