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Stuff I'm working on at the minute.

First time

First Time is my first ever solo show and will premiere at Waterside Arts, Sale on 29,30 Nov and 1 Dec 2018

Can you remember your first time?


Nathaniel can’t seem to forget his. To be fair, he has had it playing on repeat for the last 14 years.


Now he’s living his best queer life, brunching on pills whilst Googling kangaroo vaginas, ancient condoms and human cesspits on a weekday morning… or is he?


Queer artist Nathaniel Hall presents a funny and frank one-man show about attempting to staying positive in a negative world.


Join him as he blows the lid on the secret he’s been keeping all these years.

the newspaper boy

Spring 2018 - Producer

Presented as part of Queer Contact, The Newspaper Boy, Chris Hoyle's semi-autobiographical play about fame, forbidden love and tabloid scandal, was received to high acclaim.

My first foray as producer with Dibby Theatre, the show brought the 90's back to life for a nostalgic crowd and was topped off with a 90's style rave with ex-Flesh and Hacienda DJ's Dave Kendrick and Guy Williams.

I can't wait for the next project with Dibby... watch this space!

Creative Experts

Summer 2016 to present - Creative Consultant (Sales and Marketing)

Creative Experts offer innovative business solutions to organisations seeking young creative talent. I'm excited to be a part of the new team taking this unique social enterprise forward.


Watch the promotional video on the right and click here for more about Creative Experts.

Cityverve community champions

Summer 2016 to present - Project Manager


The CityVerve Project aims to test better services using the Internet of Things (IoT) technology including plans for talkative bus stops, which let bus operators know when commuters are waiting, and a network of sensors in parks and along commuter routes to encourage people to do more physical activity.

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