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Welcome to ACTUP+Live - a free creative educational resource for schools and community groups.

We're on a mission to end all new transmissions of HIV by 2030 - this workshop educates on HIV healthcare and prevention and explores how art and creativity can be used to inspire social and political change.

It is suitable  for ages 11+ and in educational settings delivers learning outcomes for PSHE, RSE, the Humanities, History and Art (Key Stage 3,4 and beyond).

Accessibility: the film is fully captioned, just hit the CC button at the bottom of the screen when playing.


How it Works

1. Download the Resource Pack - everyone will need access to this during the session (on tablets, smartphones or laptops - there's a printer friendly version too).

2. Watch the film below - it runs for 32 minutes and includes timed activities, but just pause if you need more time.

3. Get creative - we want you to make your own HIV activism posters and campaigns inspired by the workshop!

4. Email your group's creative work to:

And if you share on social media, don't forget @NathanielJHall @DibbyTheatre and use the hashtags in the workshop film too. We'll be sharing them all in a digital gallery on this very website!

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